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Craft Electric & Maintenance is highly competitive in performing an Arc Flash Study; our technicians collect all the field information and we perform the Arc Flash Risk assessment on our EasyPower software.  To get started protect your company with our 6 Point Compliance Checklist

Arc Flash Hazard Analysis & Protection Requirements

We can help you achieve compliance or provide a turnkey service including:

A Written NFPA 70E Safety Plan

Train Employees in NFPA 70E Compliance & Arc Flash Awareness

Qualified Person Task Proficiency Training as required by NFPA 70E

Generate a Facility Electrical One-Line Diagram

Perform a Hazard Analysis and Label Equipment

Provide the Appropriate PPE

Perform Maintenance Requirements on Electrical Equipment

How we produce an Arc Flash Analysis

See the Arc Flash Analysis Deliverables

6 Point Compliance Checklist


What is Arc Flash?

Arc Flash occurs when the phase conductors are shorted and ionization of the air occurs.  When this happens, the arc faults create large amounts of heat that can severely burn skin, set clothing on fire, and cause hearing loss.  At this time, molten metal is blasted from the fault location in a radial direction damaging equipment and resulting potential injury or death

Why Should I perform an Arc Flash Hazard Analysis?

ARCfireArc Flash Hazard Studies are performed to educate & determine the risk to personnel, warn them of the hazards, and to instruct them as to what kind of personal protective equipment that they must wear. OSHA regulations apply to every worker that may approach or be exposed to energized electrical equipment. Failure for an employer to conform and follow OSHA and NEC requirements can lead to employee injuries/death, fines, penalties, and expensive lawsuits.

What is an Arc Flash Warning Label?

The 2017 NEC Section 110.16(A) states that electrical equipment likely to require examination, adjustment, servicing, or maintenance while energized shall be field or factory marked to warn qualified persons the potential of electric arc flash hazards.  FPN No. 1: NFPA 70E-2018, Standard for Electrical Safety in the workplace, 130.5 Arc Flash Risk Assessment, aids in determining the severity of potential exposure, planning safe work practices, and selecting personal protective equipment.

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How we produce an Arc Flash Analysis

See the Arc Flash Analysis Deliverables

6 Point Compliance Checklist

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