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True RMS Voltage and Current Service: Capture and record the square root of the average square of the instantaneous magnitude of the voltage and current.  This service is used to determine if the correct voltage and current is present to properly operate your equipment and optimize its life cycle.

Voltage Drop Service: Measure and record the difference of voltages at the two terminals of passive impedance.  This service is used to determine if your electrical components, i.e., circuit breakers, contact surfaces, etc., are operating properly to reduce hazards and equipment destruction.

Infrared Thermographic Imaging Service: Measure (utilizing state-of-the-art instrumentation) to identify and document temperatures that exceed NFPA Standard 70B recommendations, i.e., high resistance electrical connections, current overload, defective circuit breakers and/or defective insulator conditions.  This service is used to reduce the risk of brownouts and blackouts, as well as safety and fire hazards.

Ultrasonic Service: Measure and record sound waves that are above audible sound (16-18 kHz).  This service is used to complement the infrared service as well as safety and determine if corona, tracking, arcing are present and to assure the quality and integrity of your electrical system.

Voltage and Current Harmonics Service: Capture and record Total Harmonic Distortion-Voltage (THDV) and Total Harmonic Distortion-Current (THDC) that exceed IEEE recommendations.  This service is used to determine if your harmonic contaminations are within tolerance levels.  In addition, this service is designed to assure accurate power (kW) charges and to minimize the risk of damage to microelectronic equipment, transformers, circuit breakers, motors, etc

Visual and Mechanical Inspections: Interior and exterior of all components will be inspected to ascertain, and if necessary, make certain adjustments to ensure that its performance remains within specified limits.  We will also identify corrosion, rust and discoloration, leaks, safety hazards, applicable electric code violations, grounding, physical damage and the general condition of components.
Phase-Balance Service: Test to assure that the phases in your electrical system are balanced.  This service is used to address unbalanced components that increase power-quality problems, total harmonic distortion as well as increased temperature rise of devices and current-carrying conductors.

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