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How we produce a study

Walk Through & Takeoff

Contact Power Company

ID Equipment & Collect Data

Enter Data into Software

Perform Short Circuit Study

Perform Coordination Study

Install ARC Flash Labels

ARC Flash Study Deliverables

Walk Through & Takeoff of Equipment

One of our Electrical Preventive Maintenance & Safety Consultants will meet with you on site to perform a walk through and takeoff of all the equipment required to have an arc flash label. Note many arc flash companies want to tell you 240-208-volt equipment 125 KVA or less do not require labels, * or will give you a number based on sq. ft. without visiting your site. Please beware of these companies, your analysis will most likely be incomplete.

*NFPA 70E requires that Electrical equipment such as switchboards, panelboards, industrial control panels, disconnects and motor controls that are likely to require examination, adjustment, servicing, or maintenance while energized shall be marked with an arc flash label.

Having engineered electrical installation drawings, one lines, previous arc flash drawings and any supporting data would be helpful and may reduce the cost of the arc flash analysis.

Contact Power Company

We first contact the Power Company supplying your electrical service and acquire the available fault current at the power company’s transformer. Then we perform calculations to get the incident energy at the service mains to determine if it is safe for our technicians to open the equipment for data collection. The last thing we want to do is endanger our technicians and violate OSHA requirements.

ID Equipment & Collect Data 

The Techs will affix an ID number then collect the equipment name and type, voltage and amp rating, manufacture, breaker type, size and trip settings, same for relays, fuse type and size, conductor sizes and lengths, and motor horsepower.

Enter Data into Software & Calculate Incident Energy

We enter this into our EasyPower engineering software and generate an incident energy analysis. We then review the analysis for equipment with an incident energy over 12 calories per centimeter squared and check upstream to see if it can be reduced by selective coordination.

Perform Short Circuit Study 

We perform a short circuit study which is used to evaluate the interrupting rating of the protective devices, such as circuit breakers, fuses, and switches and the equipment that it is installed in. Underrated equipment can fail, sometimes catastrophically, when subjected to short circuit currents that exceed their tested maximum values.

Perform Coordination Study

A coordination study will be performed to determine proper protective device settings that will quickly isolate system faults and minimize equipment damage and downtime. How in depth you want us to coordinate is depending on the complexity of the facility. If your facility consists of mostly molded case breakers with nonadjustable settings and fuses, then we would only perform the coordination between the largest circuits in the facility i.e. larger motor and feeder circuits to distribution boards. An in-depth study of each circuit if preferred would add to the cost of the analysis.

Install ARC Flash Labels & Review 

We then contact you with our recommendations to better coordinate the system and/or reduce the incident energy levels, if possible. If you accept our recommendations, we will change the settings and produce the report, if not we will build the report as is. Once we install the arc flash labels on the equipment, we will setup a time to review the report, drawings, and arc flash labels with you and discuss any deficiencies or possible ways to mitigate the incident energy levels.

ARC Flash Study Deliverables

Arc Flash Analysis Deliverables

  • PDF of the Power System Study (Report)
  • Executive Summary
  • Introduction
  • Short Circuit Calculations and Equipment Duty Reports
  • Protective Device Coordination Study with Time Current Curves TTCs and recommendations.
  • Arc Flash Risk Assessment with Incident Energy Reports
  • Low and/or High Voltage Momentary Reports
  • Utility Information

Cad Files with Drawings in .DWG

  • One-Line Drawings (EOL), Describes the equipment, layout and connections
  • Incident Energy Drawings (EAF), shows the arc flash boundary and incident energy
  • Short Circuit Drawings (ESC), show the available fault current at each piece of equipment

All Drawings EOL, EAF, ESC, in PDF
EasyPower File in. dez
Flash Drive with all the Above
Hard Copy of the Power System Study
Arc Flash Labels installed
A full Set of Legible Drawings 30’’x42’’ of EOL, EAF, ESC,

When did you last perform an ARC Flash Study?

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Just Wanted to Say Thanks

I just wanted you to know that we lost power due to a fuse blowing on the Georgia Power side. We did not suffer any major effects because of this. The breakers did trip and we did not burn up any motors or drives. In the past we did have a lot of the items go bad due to losing a leg. I attribute this to the service you and your company provided for us. We are also seeing where breakers are tripping out and not our switch gear, which is what we want. I have relayed this to our owner and he was impressed. Once again I just wanted to say thanks for you and your excellent service. Please use us as a sounding board anytime.

W. Scott Couch
Maintenance Manager / Athens & Macon, GA
McCann Aerospace

Second to None Service

Our plant has partnered with Craft Electric & Maintenance since 1990. The approach they take with serving our needs is second to none. Whether we are installing new equipment and controls, cleaning and maintaining existing equipment or outfitting a new production facility, we know that Craft understands our unique requirements. We highly recommend Craft Electric & Maintenance.

Thomas R. | Plant Director

Excellent Training

We recently engaged with Craft Electric & Maintenance for ARC Flash safety training for our manufacturing plant electrical staff members. We had very high expectations going into the training and we were very pleased with the subject matter, training staff and program overall. We highly recommend working with Craft Electric & Maintenance on regular safety training.

Adam D. | Safety Director

Always Reliable

It has been our experience with Craft Electric & Maintenance that their staff, service, training and advice have always been reliable and backed by a long-term expertise as an Industrial Electrical Contractor. We rely on them for not only our 24/7 operations but equally as important, for the safety of our employees.

David S. | Plant Manager

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