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Power Quality Services

Industrial facilities are becoming more dependent on sensitive electronics, computerized equipment and electrical devices that require highly stable power. Some electrical systems in older buildings or those installed as recently as 20 years ago can’t properly support the needs of newly engineered equipment.

Even new facilities develop problems and issues from things as simple as loose connections or harmonics from operating equipment.

The insulation around wires, transformers & motors breaks down over time and can cause all seriously damaging problems that are accompanied by the high cost or repair, service and in many cases, replcement.

Some facilities are installing surge protection or extra ground rods only to find that their equipment continues to experience damage.

Perhaps your facilitie’s light fixtures, motors, or equipment are not lasting nearly as long as advertised. Craft Electric & Maintenance has been provide power quality services since 1984 and we are here to help you solve your power quality problems.

Is Power Quality Costing You Time and Money?

We can help. We’ve been helping facilities with power quality issues and problems since 1984. Be certain that your equipment and employees are safe and productive. 770-979-9293 or info@craftelectricinc.com

Just Wanted to Say Thanks

I just wanted you to know that we lost power due to a fuse blowing on the Georgia Power side. We did not suffer any major effects because of this. The breakers did trip and we did not burn up any motors or drives. In the past we did have a lot of the items go bad due to losing a leg. I attribute this to the service you and your company provided for us. We are also seeing where breakers are tripping out and not our switch gear, which is what we want. I have relayed this to our owner and he was impressed. Once again I just wanted to say thanks for you and your excellent service. Please use us as a sounding board anytime.

W. Scott Couch
Maintenance Manager / Athens & Macon, GA
McCann Aerospace

Second to None Service

Our plant has partnered with Craft Electric & Maintenance since 1990. The approach they take with serving our needs is second to none. Whether we are installing new equipment and controls, cleaning and maintaining existing equipment or outfitting a new production facility, we know that Craft understands our unique requirements. We highly recommend Craft Electric & Maintenance.

Thomas R. | Plant Director

Excellent Training

We recently engaged with Craft Electric & Maintenance for ARC Flash safety training for our manufacturing plant electrical staff members. We had very high expectations going into the training and we were very pleased with the subject matter, training staff and program overall. We highly recommend working with Craft Electric & Maintenance on regular safety training.

Adam D. | Safety Director

Always Reliable

It has been our experience with Craft Electric & Maintenance that their staff, service, training and advice have always been reliable and backed by a long-term expertise as an Industrial Electrical Contractor. We rely on them for not only our 24/7 operations but equally as important, for the safety of our employees.

David S. | Plant Manager

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